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Main Street Souvenirs

In Search Of The American Heartland


Program Description

A multi-media stage performance featuring live piano music, a spoken narrative, and a video presentation. This visual "projected" dimension of the program will accompany both the Main Street Souvenirs Video Thumbnail narrative and the music throughout, and will consist of Kirby's original artwork, his video footage, his photography, and archival photos. The narrative, also written by Kirby, reflects a thematic progression, weaving different concepts about small town American life together with musical, visual and literary examples which illustrate these themes (see below.) The music in the first half will span 150 years of Americana, including Scott Joplin, Stephen Foster and John Philip Sousa, and continuing up to the present. The second half will feature Kirby's original compositions, paintings, photography, literary excerpts and a narrative all exploring historical and visionary dimensions of the American Great Plains and Prairies.


Promotional Videos  ( Click a title to view the demo video )


Chapters and Themes

First Half:

  • Chapter One: "Main Street"
    Introduction to an exploration of small town America in the "Heartland."
  • Chapter Two: "Gatherings"
    Communites as defined by their gathering places
  • Chapter Three: "The Spirit of Song"
    Singing as part of the life in a small town
  • Chapter Four: "Ragtime: America's Music"
    Our first "popular" style of music and it's Midwestern roots
  • Chapter Five: "There's No Place Like Home"
    The mystical allure of baseball
  • Chapter Six: "The Edge of Town"
    The connection of town and country, culture and agriculture
  • Chapter Seven: "Invitation to the Dance"
    The ultimate "gathering" in a small town

Second Half:

  • Chapter Eight: "Reverie"
    Introduction to the Great Plains
  • Chapter Nine: "The Literary Frontier"
    Willa Cather and Ian Frazier
  • Chapter Ten: "Echoes from the Schoolyard"
    The one-room schoolhouse
  • Chapter Eleven: "Dragons, Schooners and Cathedrals"
    The contour of the land as defined by its structures
  • Chapter Twelve: "The Garden of Lost Dreams"
    Early homesteaders (excerpts by Jonathan Raban)
  • Chapter Thirteen: "Panoramic"
    Grasslands and their unique beauty

Musical Selections ( Song titles listed in red below can be clicked on to listen on SoundCloud )

First Half:

  1. Main Street Farewell – Scott Kirby
  2. Carousel for Leah-Marie – Scott Kirby
  3. El Capitan – John Philip Sousa
  4. American Song Medley – (various; arr. by Kirby)
  5. The Easy Winners – Scott Joplin
  6. Maple Leaf Rag – Scott Joplin
  7. Solace – Scott Joplin
  8. Roberto Clemente – David Thomas Roberts
  9. Cherry County – Scott Kirby
  10. Kreole – David Thomas Roberts

Second Half: (All composed by Kirby)

  1. Reverie for the High Plains
  2. Echoes from the Schoolyard
  3. Miles City Souvenir
  4. Pine Ridge Toccata
  5. Garden of Lost Dreams
  6. Charbonneau
  7. Panoramic

Program Script – Sample Chapters

Download sample chapters from the program script (in PDF format):

Main Street Souvenirs Script (Sample Chapters)


Complete Script

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